Phyto-Diastol 60


Phyto-Diastol 60

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Phyto-Diastol 60
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Malt extract with a very high amylase content, to help your horse digest excess sugars, ingested from feed or grass.

Providing the horse with several important enzymes, especially amylase, which is often low or lacking within the small intestine of the horse (Proudman et al 2015). Helping to improve digestion by reducing lactate.

Feed only to horses on grass or eating starch, feed during times when excess sugars are present such as autumn and spring. Feed also to horses that are thin or not thriving to improve sugar and energy production.

This ground -breaking supplement is based on work done by one of the UK’s leading colic and gastric specialists, reference below.   

Proudman, C. J., Hunter, J. O., Darby, A. C., Escalona, E. E., Batty, C., & Turner, C. (2015). Characterisation of the faecal metabolome and microbiome of Thoroughbred racehorses. Equine veterinary journal47(5), 580-586.

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