Phytolean ®

Phytolean ®

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Phytolean ®
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May aid in the reduction of ‘fat pads’ and ‘cresty necks’. Horse owners today are concerned about their horse’s weight especially as the latest figures indicate that over 55% of horses are overweight.  Managing the diet can be difficult especially if the horse is on a prolonged stable routine with little or limited exercise and a restricted diet. The way forward is to add a range of natural plant compounds with strong anti -oxidant effects to the diet, to aid and support normal health and condition. 

Phytolean can be fed continuously or as a course, please view the Research page on the Phytorigins website for more details and contact us direct for research results.


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Holistic Composition: Magnesium Oxide, Chenopodium Album, Espinhera Santa Additives: Zinc Chelate E4a21 5mg/Kg Copper Bilysinate E3b411 16mg/Kg FEEDING: Add 1 scoop daily to the normal feed.

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