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Phytolean ® + (Plus)
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Phytolean®  + : For laminitis prone horses and those with short, jarred, pottery movement, contains  anti-oxidants extracted from plants.  




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from Anonymous on 09/01/2017
I give this to my 3 horses - it keeps my 20 yo sound who has navicular and ringbone. I give it to my 24 yo cushings laminitic and my horse that came down with a very bad case of laminitis last year. I would not be without it.
Excellent produce
from Anonymous on 02/11/2016
I have used Phytolean seasonally over the years with success. Due to one of mine being diagnosed with Cushings I decided to try Phytolean+ One of my other horses has breathing issues, has her own nebuliser and inhaler, neither of which I have needed to use since she has been on Phytolean+, the anti-inflammatory properties within it are actually doing an excellent job, I would much prefer to use Phytolean+ than steriods. It does also assist in reduction of cresty neck and fat pads. Delivery is also very prompt.
An amazing product; a life saver.
from Anonymous on 06/09/2016
I cannot recommend this product highly enough. My horse developed laminitis in May '16 and I put him straight onto this having used it previously with good effect. He was sound very quickly and when he was tested for EMS four weeks later he tested negative which I really wasn't expecting. He had a set back after completing the initial course so is now back on it and I am intending to continue on a maintenance dose.. He's losing weight and looks freer and more comfortable than he's been in a long while. Thank you for you excellent customer service, support and fabulous products!
A fantastic product, well worth the money.
from Anonymous on 19/01/2016
My horses had been footy and sore for 4-5 weeks with a mild case of laminitis, he had been on box rest and I was just starting to lead him out for short periods of exercise. I was dismayed to find him still sore and was thinking of reaching for the bute when my farrier recommended this product, he was sound within a day of feeding it. I was amazed and relieved and very happy to be giving him a natural alternative.