Phytolean ® + (Plus)

Phytolean ® + (Plus)

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Phytolean ® + (Plus)
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Horse’s that suffer from repeated bouts of foot soreness brought on by an over rich diet or those horses that are ‘footy’ or short striding will benefit from the addition of a wide range of anti- oxidants. Research has shown that horses stabled for long periods and those with foot problems have low levels of anti- oxidants which help absorb the effects of oxidative stress.  Modern diets are short on these vital ingredients and our research has shown the benefits of an addition of these unique natural compounds will benefit and protect against the long term effects of dietary/weight related foot problems.



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Holistic Composition : Magnesium Oxide, Bromelain, Cats Claw, Sarsaparilla, Burdock Root, Boswellia Serrata, Milk Thistle, Spinach, Espinhera Santa Analytical Constituents: Crude Ash 40.7g/100g, Crude Fibre 4.6g/100g, Crude Protein 4.8g/100g, Moisture 4.40g/100g FEEDING: (1kg = 30days ) Two scoops daily morning and evening for thirty days. Then give a half measure as maintenance through the season.

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